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Let me explain…….

Being the slightly neurotic person that I am, before I posted any of my early stuff on here, I have let a couple of friends and the Hubster read them. Just to make sure I wasn’t writing drivel and completely wasting my time!!

I┬áhave been told, very wisely by Hubby, that if posting personal stuff on t’internet I need to be very sure I am happy with it before I post it.

“Once its out there, you can’t take it back”

That, I think, needs to be my mantra for this blog. It certainly does make a lot of sense to edit yourself before posting, and even censoring yourself so as not to offend, enrage, embarrass etc. I’ve had experience of that through Facebook, and can vouch that its not nice. Fair enough.

There will be some personal stuff on here about me and family life, stuff I want to do and stuff that completely freaks me out. That just makes for entertaining reading, I guess! But there will also be personal stuff on here about my experience with depression, the causes for it and the challenges I have taken on to deal with it. Its my choice to air those stories on here and I’m not expecting people (those that I have the pleasure of knowing in the real world) to say or act differently towards me. Unless they want to share their story or ask me about mine. I like hugs, but I don’t need lots of sympathy, I’m doing fine.

So, by way of explanation, we had a tough time of it recently. In the space of one year, we had to deal with losing my much beloved Nan (witnessing how the loss affected my family upset me as much as dealing with my own grief), we also moved house (from the home where both my babies had been born), into a caravan (sharing facilities with my in-laws) for eight months over the autumn/winter while we renovated a house (which took all our own and the kids savings, some borrowing and an awful lot of blood, sweat and tears). The kids moved school and our routine was thrown in the air from quiet stroll to school through the park to a half hour car run in heavy traffic. All the while the pressures of running our own business were hanging over us.

I was very stressed and often unhappy, I put on weight, and started experiencing panic attacks, which terrified me. Ultimately I began to resent the house and home we were trying to build and generally things took their toll. For a while.

But I am OK now, promise.

Yes, every now and then I have a blip and ‘Feel a bit January’ , but that’s fine because I can handle it. The upshot of all that happened three years ago is that last year I went to the doctor to ask for help. I wasn’t coping and was taking it out on my family and that wasn’t on. I may one day tell you when and how I hit my low point, but not yet. The doctor was great, we talked, a lot, for a few weeks before we agreed I should try tablets. She had given me websites and leaflets to read, and referred me to an NHS therapist (of course the waiting list was looooooooong, so I declined, there are more deserving cases than me).

I also talked to friends and family to get some opinions. Its actually quite surprising how many people are getting help with depression and other mental health issues. I certainly feel there is no reason to feel ashamed about it, which is why I am happy to be open about it on here.

So to sum up: the drugs are helping; alongside my gorgeous family, a beautiful home and my blossoming, ever evolving garden. That’s all the therapy I’ve needed so far.

I may talk again in more detail, I may just allude to it all in other posts, who knows, its my blog…….!