A little bit about me…

My name is Katharine Notley. I’m a project manager during the day, but spend as much time as I can outside, wellies on, trowel in one hand, phone in the other; either researching plants or taking pictures.

This is me on my wedding day in June 2006. Yes, it was ten years ago, but I was young and child free so, you know, I looked less haggard than I do today!!

Also, look at my Mums fabulous garden here. I think it was after this that I really started to get the flower/garden bug. It started with wanting to understand more about arranging flowers, but has since blossomed to a passion for growing them too.

This ‘Gardening for Dinner‘ blog will probably be a little haphazard, a little chaotic in its approach, not always that thought through, but with gusto and passion and hopefully enjoyment. After all, that is pretty much how life is in the real world, isn’t it?

I hope you enjoy reading and sharing my posts, and I would love to hear from you with tales of your own or tips and advice if you are doing in your own garden what I am trying to do here.