Lemon Drizzle Yoghurt Pot Cake

Easy baking with the kids!

I’m always looking for recipes to make with the kids. I’m trying to enthuse them a bit more to getting involved in the kitchen, without the added stress I put myself under when we do anything that might be messy/wasteful/chaotic. I know if I end up shouting because of spillages, flour clouds or wasted ingredients, it will be another reason why they won’t want to get involved. So the easier the better.

I am doing recipes that require measuring and weighing too, but sometimes just being able to chuck it all in a bowl makes things more fun.

He’s always enjoyed helping, I’m hoping this is the year he starts taking charge!

I remember a friend telling me about a yoghurt pot recipe years ago when she worked in a ski chalet for a season, and I’ve finally found one that works well. Much like the American ‘Cups’ system, the base unit for this recipe is the yoghurt pot, so all references to the ‘pot’ refer to the pot of yoghurt.

This will make one round cake or 1lb loaf. 12 generous muffins or 20 smaller cakes.

You will need:

1 x 125g pot of any plain yogurt *

2 eggs

1 x pot caster sugar

3 x pots white SR flour

¾ x pot vegetable oil

Grated rind of one lemon

For the lemon drizzle:

Juice of ½-1 lemon and 1½  tbsp icing sugar

* You can use a pot of flavoured yoghurt, in which case leave out the lemon and the drizzle. Maybe make a complimentary icing instead.

I’m sure if we get round to doing this again, I’ll post the results here. I’m thinking raspberry yoghurt cake with some of those freeze dried raspberry pieces in the icing?


  1. Preheat oven to 170-180 deg C / 350 F and prepare tin or muffin pans etc
  2. Pour yogurt into a large bowl, stir in the oil and wash out pot.
  3. Add the grated lemon rind.
  4. Add pot sugar, then other ingredients and mix well
  5. Pour into the tins and bake until golden brown (10-15 min for buns, 35-45 mins for a tray bake)
  6. Prepare the lemon drizzle mix – stir the icing sugar into the lemon juice and mix until smooth.
  7. Pour over the hot cakes as soon as they come out of the oven.

Sorry, we were eating it before I remembered to take a picture!!

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