Mummys’ little helper…..

There are lots of blogs and Web posts from women who joke about their claims to only get through the day with the kids on a daily dose of a favourite tipple. Wine and Prosecco are all favourites, and rather than ‘Mothers Ruin’ Gin is now ‘Mummys’ Little Helper‘.

I’ve never really taken these claims seriously, and I’ve certainly not judged either. Who am I to say what coping strategy one should employ? (My own is prescription based). I appreciate its often an exaggeration to make a humorous blog post (isn’t it?). All I know is that as a bit of a light weight I couldn’t really trust myself not to just fall asleep before tea was finished, let alone want to crawl into bed before the kids are ready to. That’s most evenings as it is, even without the booze.

I can however certainly see the benefits of that early evening drink. It occurred to me the other day that actually having a drink at tea time (or 6pm ish if we are going to eat after the kids) makes a lot of sense. For one thing, having a drink makes me a lot less shouty at bedtime.

Repeating “pyjamas, bathroom, brush your teeth, where’s your reading book?, why can’t you hang up your uniform?” etc etc constantly doesn’t need to be in a raised voice, it can still be said in a calm manner, even if it is the eleventybillionth time you’ve said it.

Bath and bedtime is definitely a bit easier going if I’m in that floaty-head drunk bubble that a glass of wine or two can do (like I said, Lightweight). Given that I do find bedtimes quite stressful as I’m always worn out, but the kids seem to have boundless energy, I do need a strategy so as not to get so strung out.

The kids love it when Dad chases them up the stairs and around the bedroom a few times before getting them ready for bed, but I’m just not that fun!! Maybe I need to pay more attention to my mood, and self medicate more often, for all of our sakes. 

The sound of the bath running will now be synonymous with the popping of a wine cork or clink of ice cubes in a glass…..!

Although its been a recent revelation to me, I am aware this is not really news for most, and although possibly controversial I trust people will read this as a witty observation, rather than a cry for help, but I’ll wait for the fall out….

In the meantime, Cheers, Iechyd Da!!


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