Wedding Flowers – Tracy and Nick

4th May 2017

The brief for this wedding was nice and simple. Tracy just wanted flowers from the garden, but to include lots of bluebells as these are a childhood favourite.

We had a practise with arrangements in different  vases and decided that fish bowls were the best. Bluebells don’t seem to work too well in oasis because of their fragile stems, so I went for hand tied bouquets and supported each in a jam jar of water. I hid the jam jars with a mixture of dark blue raffia and sisal.


The garden was full of blues and greens to complement the Bluebell theme;

euphorbia, forget-me-not, anemone, cornflowers, apple mint, lavender and cow parsley

The added benefit of these easy to remove bunches was that the bride was able to give each one away at the end of the night to friends and family, so a lot of happy memories shared from a lovely day. She threw her own bouquet the next day at a family party.

This bride also happens to be one of my Besties (and the creator of this blog site and other websites), so I was able to lend her the brooch from my own wedding bouquet as her ‘something borrowed’. 




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