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As an introduction to the recipes section, I think its worth explaining that my main motivation is about making the most of what I can grow, forage, beg, borrow and steal (or get given). So some recipes on here will contain ingredients that are perhaps not that everyday – unless you are a hardcore forager/gardener!

One of the ideas behind this blog was to write about food and the garden from a perspective of less waste, foraging and making the most of the plants that we have. I’m growing a lot for floristry and flower arranging, but we have some veg as well. A big influence is a book I picked up by James Wong  (@Botanygeek) called The Homegrown Revolution.

I’ll be referring to this on occasion, but also websites, blogs and books by other writers. I will always reference where I have got ideas from, and would also love to hear from people that have suggestions for ingredients or recipes.

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