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Fame at last…

I volunteered to help out another Mum from the school recently. Someone else who has a creative spirit and is trying to find her niche for a new photography business.

She is developing her ‘documentary’ style of photography and wanted to do some candid family shots of us, at home just chilling out. Nice. Early morning? Not so easy………

We normally are quite relaxed at the weekend. The kids are usually the last to be dressed as they slow down after a busy week of school. Unless there are parties and plans, we tend to hang out at home. There is still so much to do, from hanging a few pictures to building benches and taking delivery of new beds! The garden is a whole other realm of busy……I have loads of jobs from weeding and planting to creating new areas of interest – currently in the making is a ‘wildflower walk’ around the edge of the veg patch.

David just likes his machines and will find something to mow, chop, strim and ultimately burn!! He needs a lot of close management.

This weekend in particular Beth had two parties and Harri and I wanted to go shopping for holiday clothes. We had family visiting and I had to pick up our holiday currency at some point. So we were mostly up and dressed and ready when Sarah arrived. As you can see from her pictures, Harri was a bit shy, but Bethan loved the limelight!

I didn’t really have a plan of what we would do, as long as the situations she chose didn’t show too much chaos and clutter! I love the idea of the house and garden eventually being used for magazines/tv shows (as I’ve been told several times its ideal) so I thought this may be a good chance to show it off  a bit. It also meant I could use some proper photography for this blog, rather than my shaky efforts with the BlackBerry!

Have a look at Sarahs’ Facebook Page. The link to our photos are here.